Revox B710 Mk2 Hi-Com model led issues...

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Revox B710 Mk2 Hi-Com model led issues...

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Hi .. Just a little about me. I was born in England decades ago. My mother was from what was known as Konigsberg Prussia/Germany now Russia Karliningrad. My relations are in Russia Germany, England and Ireland.
This is my first post here. It seems I possibly have a rare model 710 mk2 hi com according to helpful information on another forum.
Before I take it apart I thought I'd check on your thoughts regarding the led play/record indicator lights.
All my lights come on and stay on when powering up. They slowly go out after trying some of the switches and playing a tape. Also the mpx light just stopped coming on the other day.
So maybe just dirty switch contacts? I'm assuming this model has those fraco caps fitted I should fit replacements asap?
Thank you....
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Re: Revox B710 Mk2 Hi-Com model led issues...

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Hello Nigel,

welcome to the forum! :-)

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