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enricovitali Neuling

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Hello people, how're you doing?. Sorry I don't speak german!

Yesterday I was so happy to know that this amazing forum exist!! So nice to see many STUDER / REVOX users helping each other!! That's the spirit! :-)

I'm the owner of a 52 channel analog Studer A990 mixing audio console (lovely console!), and the past year was a nightmare for me (even now maybe).

We had some problems with the power supplies, I've seen that CAPS were a little damaged, and replacing them was the CHAOS!.

After that, we starded having a thousand of problems, one after other after other... etc. I don't want to extend much over this (if anyone want's to know the details, I'll invite a SPATEN beer with plenty of time).

As a resume, the console didn't started anymore, all the leds and lighs were blinking, had OV alarm, etc etc etc, and after re-caliber the power suppplies, I've found that HOST we're kind of DEAD.

Worst even, our red folders of service manual doesn't have diagrams and part lists of any of the MKII controllers (HOST, HLDC, DISC CONTROLLER, ARCNET), and neither the official PDF from STUDER FTP has neither of this diagrams or parts list.

So, It's been a long time of investigation, test & error, buying NOS components, and finally I was able to re-stablish the order... but... Here I come with my actual problem!

Now, we started having checksum error on startup because of the many years of the EPROMS, and they can't hold any longer the data.

The only thing I can see is that both MKII and software version V1.0, (in order, IC32 IC33 IC34 IC35 of 1.990.996.20 is HOST and of 1.990.997.20 is HDLC).

So, I was wondering if any of you, any A990 user, or any user you might know could have the software for each controller, a .BIN dump.
I have a universal programmer with me and I can program new EPROMS to solve this,

The reason I'm contacting you is because AUDIOHOUSE want to charge me 200 CHF (190 EUR) for each 4 IC lot for each controller, and I think that it's quite elevated price for 4 EPROMS with a software that it's MANDATORY to run the console, and having present that it's an audio console without service since 1994 (20 years now).
In my honest opinion, that software should be free and public access to every A990 user.

Well, I hope that any of you could give me a hand with this, if lucky you have it or you can get it, I'll really appreciate if it could be send it to me (file transfer, wetransfer, email, etc.).

Many thanks in advanced.

Kind regards!,


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Bricksounder Haudegen

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Hi Pablo

wellcome here ... enrico - vitalis is a nice nicname
well hard to say how to vitalize your Studer ...

heinzmen has a 905 - you find him on the web at "heinzmen"

did you try to call Erich Obergfell ???
he is an "old" Studer ingenieur, he is allways very busy but he is one of the very rare left Studer-Experts
he makes Service for Studer as his business, a kind guy I can recomend

0049 8131 3356 69 or mail

good luck

Ralf (happy using a Yamaha DM2000)

enricovitali Neuling

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Many thanks for your reply Ralf!.

Yes, I've been in contact with him, really nice guy!, actually, last year we have arranged with him a travel to make a fully restoration of the console, but it has been posposed to this year for funds matters! :D

I know he has a lot of work and he's a very busy man, and I don't want to be a pain for him-- So I'll try to give him a call this week to see if there's any luck!.
I've expanded horizons, actually I'm in contact with a A990 owner in Switzerland, another in Italy, and other one in Galicia (Spain), this last one with EPROM problems as I do have right now, he also contacted Erich to send his HOST processor in order to get a fully restoration, but he had no reply yet, so we will insist!.

Once again, many thanks Ralf!.

Kind regards!


Tobias Neuling

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Hi Enrico!

how i see i am a bit late, if you still need information about studer 990 dest maybe i can help you. i donthave eprom stamps, but i can provide you a digital copy of a service manual which contained more information than my red books did. i had a 48-16-8-4 990 console of the second german television, whis was not a inline concept.

also i saved some data from the console periphery:

content of the system floppy disk: folders: hdlc / host / modules / source

content of the graphic controller pc

my desk gave up pretty similar as you deskribe.

i still have die PSU units whis were running proberly till the end. if there is any interest, i post a offer at the selling post area.

hope you still drive it proper!
getts to the old lady.

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