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Studer 962 recap

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Beitrag Montag 29. März 2010, 23:06
Briantele Neuling

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Hi everybody,
I have a Studer 962 console which I like alot.
I was wondering if anybody has tried to change the electrolyt capasitors (recap) their 962 and what the effect would be?
I just heard, that the electrolyt caps have a limited life span, and since the 962 is from the 80's it might be getting about time for a change.

Any thoughts/experiences?


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Beitrag Dienstag 30. März 2010, 14:43
dago Haudegen

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Hello Brian,

I think, that if you would do so, you have much to do !!!

I would prefer to change the electrolytic capacitors in the power supply. Also change the Rifa capacitors.

In the Input and Output channels you can check the boards, if the capacitors look not o.k.. Otherwise I would check them by measuring the signals. If the frequency response is o.k., it´s not necessary to change them.

I know, there will be members in this forum, you will like to kill me for this, but anyway, that´s my opinion.

If you have much time and money, you can really change a lot of them !!! ;-)

But afterwards you have to do the measuring anyway and it´s possible, that you have some cold solder points or solder bridges, than you have some new problems.

Now it belongs to you.

I have a Studer 902 and I´m very happy with.

Best regards

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